Book Cover-The Hidden Truth

One of my most vivid memories as a young child was walking outside and suddenly wondering, “What if life were but a dream?”  What if there was a greater being out there and I was but a figment of his imagination?  Now, that is an odd thing for a child to ponder!  But it fostered in me a feeling of curiosity about life that stuck with me.  I was certain my existence had not begun with life as a child, but I could not fathom from whence I came or why.

As a child I was not ready to tackle this philosophical challenge, but as an educated adult I gained the tools to reconsider this problem and address it with a deliberated purpose that was both logic-based and analytical.  That journey took a decade to complete and once accomplished I felt compelled to record my findings in this book, The Hidden Truth: A logical path through compelling evidence to discover the nature of reality and the meaning of life, so other skeptics, like me, could consider the wide-ranging evidence I had gathered to support the answers to the scientific, religious and philosophical questions that haunt us all.

Previous mass-market books, such as The Secret or The Purpose Driven Life, have entertained millions but have only scratched the surface of the important scientific, religious and philosophical conclusions achieved in The Hidden Truth.  These conclusions will cause you, the reader, to reexamine everything in your life you had previously considered to be a “known truth,” and may well be a life-changing event given the compelling evidence presented in this work.

I invite you to peruse this website, read my book, The Hidden Truth, and join in on the discussion.

Curious readers are invited to download the first half of the book; available for free here.  [PDF Version:] TheHiddenTruth_Chaps1-5

You can also download free E-reader versions such as E-pub and Mobi at

When you’re ready, follow my link to to buy The Hidden Truth and begin your own personal journey.

I hope you enjoy the journey.

Wade, Author of The Hidden Truth

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4 Responses to Introduction

  1. Will says:

    Hi, I absolutely love your book. I’m re-reading it now and am finding new things in it I’ve missed the first time reading it. Thank you very much for opening our hearts and giving us new hope. Because that is what I gained from reading your words.
    I have a question about other language versions. I wasn’t able to find any. Are there translations into other languages available? Or is there a plan to have translations made?
    I would very much like my family ro read it but their command of english does not allow them to enjoy it as I did. Thanks.

    • Hi Will,
      I am slowly working on a Tagalog translation, but I’ll likely only get the first half composed — which I’ll put out for free again.
      I would be interested in help translating to other languages if you want to try to tackle that for your family and others, or have ideas as to how I could make this happen.
      Thanks for your comment and kind words.

  2. sla says:

    Hi, first part was a great read! I like your scientific way of describing metaphysical world we live in.

    I hope that it is possible to buy your book in e-book form?


    • Yes, the full e-book is available through Amazon for Kindle. The iPad/iPhone also has a Kindle emulator if you are using a different device, and computers have similar emulators. Thanks for the positive feedback. Keep reading. Chaps 9-10 are amazing. My wife keeps returning to chapter 9 and reads it over and over. (But you need the baseline of chapters 2-8 to really appreciate the amazing findings in chapter 9, or the conclusions in chapter 10.) I hope you like it.

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